"I keep your 55 Great Icebreaker Questions in my Jeep and review
them before every event!"
Jim Higgins, ProForma Branding Excellence

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How To Turn Boring Small Talk Into Big Results

Few would argue that networking is an essential practice for business success. Why, then, are so many people turned off by the process? I’ve interviewed hundreds of professionals, business people, and executives about this very issue. Can you guess what the top 3 networking turnoffs were? The top 3 turnoffs were:  Starting up a conversation […]

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10-Min Way To Stay In Touch & Pump Up Sales

It’s that time of year when we naturally stay in touch – with family, friends, clients and colleagues. It feels so wonderful to be in connection with the people in our lives. So, why don’t we do this year round in our business when it would maximize our results? Case in point: My client, Eric […]

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How To Become A Book Author & An Authority Fast

ING conference with book

Many of you know that I published my book on networking this year, Network Like A Fox: A Targeted Approach To Building Successful Business Relationships In Person & Online . Was it spectacular – setting a goal, working toward accomplishing that goal, seeing it come to fruition? You bet. But the fruits of these labors […]

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How David Geffen’s Hobby Changed His Circle Of Influence & The World

david geffen young

I recently watched the American Masters special on David Geffen. Of course, I had heard of David Geffen, knew he was some kind of music mogul,  and that there is a hospital with his name on it here in Los Angeles. What I didn’t realize was that DG turned his hobby into a life of […]

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7 Cool Ways To Break The Ice And Warm Up Profitable New Business Relationships


Edward walked into the networking event filled with new faces. People were clustered in small groups of 2 or 3 or 4, chatting, laughing, exchanging business cards. He’d been in this situation hundreds of times before. So why, after all these times, was he still nervous when entering a room full of strangers, uncomfortable with […]

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How To Make Your Body Language Say The Right Things In Business

body language

I  have always been fascinated by the topic of body language, the messages our bodies transmit in non-verbal ways. Years ago, I had the opportunity to interview one of the top CEO’s of a major publishing company. We had a great conversation: he was smart, warm, charming, and…..nervous. How did I know this? He couldn’t […]

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