"I keep your 55 Great Icebreaker Questions in my Jeep and review
them before every event!"
Jim Higgins, ProForma Branding Excellence

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Why Depending On Getting Referrals Is Wrong For Your Business


Who doesn’t love getting referrals? There aren’t too many things that feel better than  when someone refers business to you and you land a juicy new client without doing anything more than lifting the phone receiver. (Well, giving referrals feels pretty awesome too!) Many professionals depend almost 100% on getting referrals as their business development […]

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The Perfect Linked In Profile: 7 Ways To Make It Pay Off For Your Business

When was the last time you took a good look at your Linked In profile? A little background to this question. I love Linked In. But it wasn’t always that way. In 2006, I received a Linked In invitation to connect – from a client of mine, a high level executive at a major corporation. […]

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The Art (And Advantages) Of The Ting

text message

Happy New Year. I love New Years. It’s the season of the blank canvas. Have you received lots of emails about resolutions and goals? Yes, it is pretty common. But what’s really thrilling to me about the New Year is the feeling of that fresh start, that clean palette on which to paint new results […]

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Your Business Card Is Bad…But Here Are 5 Ways To Make It Great

stacks of business cards

So you handed out a dozen business cards at that networking event last night…… …..and so did 50 other professionals and business owners – including 4 others who do precisely what you do in your business or practice. I know– you hope that those nice people you had conversations with will remember you if a […]

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Networking Gone Bad: How Paula Broadwell & Jill Kelley Were Connection Abusers & 5 Good Ways To Connect


Paula Broadwell and Jill Kelley, the two women who networked (I use that term lightly) with two of the most respected military leaders of our time, former General David Patreus and General John Allen, took “networking up” – making high level connections – to repugnant lengths. Paula Broadwell & Jill Kelley: The “Bad” Connectors Paula […]

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Why Networking Doesn’t Work, But Niche-Networking Brings Home The Bacon

niche networking photo for blog

Alice got the job of her dreams as business development director in a new up and coming business valuations firm. She was raring to go. And go she did – to every networking event recommended to her. She went to 4-5 events a week and set up breakfasts, lunches, and after hours drinks 5 days […]

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