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Why Networking Doesn’t Work, But Niche-Networking Brings Home The Bacon

niche networking photo for blog

Alice got the job of her dreams as business development director in a new up and coming business valuations firm. She was raring to go. And go she did – to every networking event recommended to her. She went to 4-5 events a week and set up breakfasts, lunches, and after hours drinks 5 days […]

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Why I’m Not Giving It Away For FREE – And You Shouldn’t Either

It's free

FREE. No Cost. Complimentary. No charge. Have you noticed? We have gotten so used to getting things for free that it’s nearly impossible to find any product, service, experience, or program that doesn’t include something given away for nothing at some point in the selling cycle. The trend to free is certainly not new. I […]

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Email Marketing Tips Debunked: The Good, The Bad, and The Truth About Email Marketing & Blogging Success

email marketing tips

To grow your business you have to have an email marketing program – write an email newsletter, a blog, and publish articles, right? It seems as though these days this advice is a given, a must to successfully market a service business, build visibility, and get more leads. Is this the truth or a giant […]

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Foolproof Follow Up: How The “Rule Of 3” Networking Tips Make Follow Up A Snap

biz card stacks 2

I’m sure you’ve read dozens of articles on networking tips. Yet, there they still are,  looking up at you with all their carefully designed logos, in neat rubber-banded stacks strategically placed  across your desk. Or, being really clever, you’ve hidden them away in the top drawer of your desk. What am I talking about? Those […]

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3 Insanely Simple Secrets To A Tip Sheet That Builds Your List By 100’s Each Month


Everyone knows that money is in the list – the email list, that is. It’s true – have a great list, your odds of building a bigger and better business go way up. There are dozens of complex strategies for list building. I’m going to share a ridiculously simple strategy that brings in hundreds of […]

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Why Infographics Are On Fire – And 5 Types That Convert

picture worth a thou words final

Infographics are spreading like wildfire, and are one of the hottest tools in content marketing. Why are they suddenly

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How Adele’s Secret Can Make Your Elevator Pitch Sing

boring speakers

Just to let you know… this will not be an ordinary set of tips on how to write a great elevator speech. You’ve read enough of those in the past. That being said,  if you’ve ever been to a networking event, a business conference, pitched an investor, or simply had someone at a party ask you, “So […]

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How To Master The Money Conversation & Land “Rich Niche” Clients

talking about money

You’re in a meeting with  a “sweet spot” prospective client: you feel the rapport building, you sense their interest level in working with you rising.  Congrats! Then it happens. Your prospect asks you the dreaded question  ….. How much do you charge? Has your stomach already done a flip flop?  I know that feeling too. It […]

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The Price Of Impatience

john isner

Last week the world got a lesson on how “patience prevails” – if they were watching. In Indian Wells, California, at the BNP Parabis Open, a kid from North Carolina, who, at 6’9″ could just as easily be a winner on the basketball court as the tennis court flexed not only his athletic muscles but […]

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Would You Sink Or Swim In The Tank?


One pitch, one message, one opportunity to fund your dream business. Have you been watching Shark Tank? What a great show. Rich guys and gal “Sharks” entice entrepreneurs with their deep pockets into pitching them with their products and business opportunities. Here’s what’s amazing: If you watch the show regularly, you’ll notice that the Sharks […]

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5 Ways To Grow Your Business Via Skype

group-video-call - skype

Time. Never enough of it for busy professionals and entrepreneurs. Relationships. More important to build them than ever. Even though I know that nothing takes the place of being face- to- face, eye- to- eye, with a colleague, prospect, or client, meeting one- to- one with people is very time-consuming. This is where I bless technology every day. […]

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Paycheck or Entrepreneurship: What’s Right For You?

In my profession, I speak to so many people who are grappling with the loss of jobs or the fear of not holding on to the one they have. Others are feeling disheartened because they have a boss who often doesn’t appreciate them or worse, badgers them out of his or her own fear. I […]

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Birthday Blogpost – News From The Business Fox

baxter the dog at pinsky

So what am I doing blogging on my birhtday??? I have been so moved by all the good wishes from around the world and wanted to express my gratitude. It’s been a year of so much change. Many of us resist change, and I am with ya. But I knew that this year, in order […]

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What You Resist Will Persist

For many years, my colleagues and bosses told me I was stubborn.  I had some pretty big blind spots  🙂 My tendency was to do things the hard way vs. the easy way. What was the hard way? Resist what I knew needed to be done, resist learning what I knew needed to be learned, resist […]

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Replacing Your 6 Figure Salary

I’ve had alot of emails from people who are in corporate or company positions who are facing the loss of a job or deeply want to leave their job but fear being able to make a living in their own business. Many are earning six figure salaries or multi-six figure salaries plus the benefits, and […]

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Going it alone? You’re dragging it out!

Nothing gives a coach greater pleasure than making a difference with a client. There just isn’t anything like seeing someone you work with achieve results, grow, succeed, have a victory. I watch too many people try to do it alone without good guidance and mentoring. When I ask them why they approach their business this […]

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The price of not speaking “truth” to your prospects & clients

Recently I had a conversation with a woman who was a “corporate casualty” and lost her job at one of the big financial institutions. On the one hand, it was devastating. On the other, it was her ticket out of “corporate jail.” She has spent the last year developing her coaching practice. She received coaching […]

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What Can Intuition Bring You In Business (and Life)?

The last couple of weeks or so, I’ve had a hunch, a feeling that working with someone wasn’t quite right. While I really admire this person – smart, successful, magnetic, I’ve noticed some chinks in the package – some  off-hand remarks, some shooting-from-the-hip decisions, a little too much arrogance in answers.  I couldn’t quite put […]

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Is There A Pay Off In Playing Small?

One of my greatest joys is helping people see their true “dreams” and supporting them in stepping into making them a reality. I know how uncomfortable this can be for many people.  I had dreams for a long time that I refused to honor. I just stuck it out, went from day to day, saying “It’s […]

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Failing Big To Succeed Bigger

As many of my Business Fox Bootcamp alumni know, we spend an entire session on the topic of FAILURE. Most of us have a pretty contentious relationship to failure. We don’t like it, we avoid it, we won’t tolerate it, we resist it. Rarely do we embrace it. I know and coach around the importance […]

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