Tess Masters, a.k.a. The Blender Girl, wears several hats – actor, corporate strategy advisor, and healthy food expert.  Her entrepreneurial success is not really born out of a natural ability. Rather it is a testament to blending – blending her personal story with careful, methodical research, intuition, and building the right relationships at the right time.

In this interview, Tess shares:

  • How being different is where the magic and the money happens.
  • How you must invest heavily – in yourself, your belief, and your commitment – if you want success to materialize.
  • How there is no such thing as luck: “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity”.
  • How she built her megabrand – the three super-smart things (that required guts and hard work) she did with her online presence to get her noticed and put her in demand in her field.
  • How patience paid off.
  • How she went down to $67 in her bank account, and cashed in her entire life savings, how it might not have paid off – but it did!
  • Her top mindset tip and her top tactical tip we can ALL learn from to raise our level of success and fulfillment.

Tess’s Resources:
Kitchen Aid Blenders
The Blender Girl book
The Blender Girl App

Where you can find Tess:
theblendergirl@gmail.com (Tess says she will happily answer your email!)

Thanks for listening!


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