Whether it was mowing lawns in the 5th grade, starting an auto detailing business and handyman service in high school or capitalizing early on with Ebay by buying discounted, men’s designer clothes and selling it on eBay in college, his life has been all about the hustle.

Chris started his first real business from his college dorm room, built it into a multi-seven figure business and has since become a serial entrepreneur, renowned podcast host, and advisor to many other entrepreneurs.

Rejecting the “quick buck” mindset is at the core of this successful entrepreneur’s success. But he’s weathered some mega struggles and challenges. Chris’s grit is inspiring. It’s hard not to learn and grow after hearing his saga.

In this interview you will hear how:

⦁ Chris started his serial entrepreneurial path when he was just in the 5th grade.
⦁ He becoming the “wealthiest independent” 5th grader made him realize that freedom and independence were indispensable for him.
⦁ His elementary school and high school businesses focused on getting paid to do work others didn’t want to do set him up to start his first million-dollar plus business later in life.
⦁ Key mentors in college showed him that the “hour for pay” model sucked and that it was definitely not for him.
⦁ At 20, he attracted a business partner in college from whom he learned that “cash is king, but credit is crucial” and how he leveraged a $43K investment into $84K in 3 weeks!
⦁ And why Hustle is Chris’s real middle name.
⦁ His lack of confidence because he was different, entrepreneurial, and didn’t fit in ultimately resulted in the very qualities he needed for success in business.
⦁ Brilliantly recognizing the web as an opportunity was key in scaling a miniscule business into massive opportunity and success.
⦁ He naturally learned to be an effective delegator to grow his business.
⦁ The business that grew too fast with too many expenses turned into huge burnout and the turning point moment that told him what he must do about it.
⦁ The difference between success and failure is the impact you are able to make with others.

Favorite words of wisdom:

“Cash is king, but leverage is crucial.”
“Everything is figure-out-able.”

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