Pat Flynn is a father, husband, and entrepreneur who works from his home office in San Diego, CA. He owns several successful online businesses and is a professional blogger, keynote speaker, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, and host of the top-rated business podcast, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, which has earned over 30 million downloads, multiple awards and features in publications such as The New York Times and Forbes. He is also an advisor for Lead Pages and other companies in the digital marketing arena.

His best-selling book is Will It Fly? Pat is now working on his next book.

I am so thrilled to be able to share my interview with the amazing Pat Flynn with you. I learned about Pat when I started doing research about podcasting and learned quickly that Pat is the go-to guy on how to launch a successful podcast.

Then I started listening to his irresistible podcast, Smart Passive Income. I loved one of the episodes so much (on a topic I had NO interest in, by the way, but in which I got completely engrossed once I started listening!) that I wrote a “What I learned in this podcast” write up and shared it on social media. When Pat learned about it and that I was launching a podcast, he generously agreed to let me interview him! YESS!!!

Pat is one of the smartest, grittiest, and most authentic entrepreneurs I know.

So, who is Pat Flynn?

Pat is a serial entrepreneur, host of the top-rated business podcast, “Smart Passive Income” which has earned over 30 million (!) downloads, multiple awards, best-selling author of the book, “Will It Fly?”

In this episode, Pat will share:

  • How his expectations of becoming a famous architect went off the rails, turned into a crushing blow that led him to his real purpose and entrepreneurship.
  • How not having a safety net brought out the grit he needed to succeed.
  • How he got support from people to endorse his drive toward entrepreneurial success.
  • How discovering the podcast, “Internet Business Mastery” resulted in a key “lightbulb moment.” This “aha” prompted Pat to launch his first online e-book which generated $7908.55 (3x more than he was making per month from his architecture job).
  • How the “thank you’s” from his e-book catapulted him full-force into building an online business.
  • The hard work he did to set up the growth of his audience and business:
    – Being very active in online forums on his topic
    – Answering lots of questions
    – Helping as many people as he could
    – Experimenting with the content
    – Following other people’s great examples to learn the right ways to     launch and grow
  • How he viewed the small wins to help him stay focused for the bigger ones
  • How he chose the topic of his best-selling book Will It Fly? – the content came from asking his audience, the title from listening to one of his Mastermind buddies!
  • Why being coached and in a mastermind group isn’t necessary for entrepreneurs – unless you want to speed up your success.
  • How he dealt with the failure of a business initiative – and shared about it publicly.
  • How entrepreneurs, and all of us, must learn rethink our perspective about failure if we are to progress and succeed.
  • Why not every proven successful business model is right for every entrepreneur.
  • The 3 mental fitness strengths every entrepreneur must build for success:
    * Motivation – a big why
    * Persistence
    * As Gary Vaynerchuck says, “Micro hustle, Macro patience”.

Favorite Quotes:

John Lee Dumas: “Every master was once a disaster.”
Pat Flynn “Fail as fast as possible”

Where you can find Pat Flynn:

Thanks for listening!

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