For years, Natalie Jill has helped women across the globe reach their fat loss goals by simplifying fitness and nutrition. Through her fun and empowering take on fitness, she has attracted over 2.5 million fans across her social media platforms and created an online brand that has her recognized as the 26th most influential fitness personality on the planet.

Natalie has recently taken her brand offline with a national best selling book, 7-Day Jump Start – Unprocess Your Diet which ties in with her best-selling bodyweight fitness videos. Natalie Jill is a licensed master sports nutritionist, and functional fitness trainer, and has a BS in health and human performance.

In this interview, you will hear:

⦁ How Natalie transformed her life from newly divorced, jobless, losing her home while pregnant with her daughter, and depressed , into a seven-figure business filled with purpose and passion.
⦁ How she turned 100 Facebook friends in 2010 into over 5000 followers and fans just by sharing her experience and journey.
⦁ Why her first product was a $12 PDF e-book that blew up her shopping cart.
⦁ The true keys to her success come from three things: listening – to her audience and their needs, authenticity – being herself, and intuition – trusting her gut vs. watching the competition.
⦁ Her approach to product development is the same as when she was in the corporate world: Motivate people to reach goals by providing helping them find solutions.
⦁ The secret to ongoing motivation: The Driving Core Motivator – the big why someone has a goal.
⦁ Being very uncomfortable is often needed to search out what one’s Driving Core Motivator is.
⦁ In order to learn what that true Driving Core Motivator is, everyone must dig beneath the surface and figure out what their true vision and mission is. Skipping over this work is a recipe for losing motivation.
⦁ Why she isn’t worried about serving everyone – but only the right target audience. Why she’s not interested in pleasing everyone, or serving everyone.
⦁ Her final tips – one on mindset and one for tactical business success- are so simple and so powerful!

Natalie Words of Wisdom:

Excuses or Solutions: You Decide!
When your ego gets in the way, success slips away.
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7 Day Jump Start: Un-process Your Diet

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