Daniel Shemtob is only 25 years old, yet he’s already a mobile meal mogul with a growing California-based food truck business that continues to evolve.

Just two years ago his first kitchen-on-wheels, The Lime Truck, won Season 2 of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race.” Fast forward to today: Daniel owns a fleet of four food trucks that roam the streets of Los Angeles, plus a Westwood Village brick-and-mortar eatery called TLT Food, with another location opening soon in Irvine.

In this interview, shares:

  • How his desire to be the master of his own destiny and his desire for independence led to becoming a childhood entrepreneur and ultimately a food-focused entrepreneur.
  • How his path included many steps to success: stops, starts and flops as owner of personal shopping business, mortgage sales, real estate loan modification entrepreneur, and ultimately food truck and restaurateur.
  • A panic attack following highs and lows in business led to him moving back in with Mom – which was the best and worst situation.
  • How his familial culture of food led him to find the low-cost entry into the food industry with his food truck, The Lime Truck.
  • The secrets to The Lime Trucks success leading to hundreds of followers lining up waiting to buy their food and a stint on The Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network, and winning Best Restaurant of The Year.
  • How and why he successfully parted ways with his first partner and found his next partner.’
  • How success brought on a slew of legal and state financial problems and how he slogged his way through them – successfully.
  • Finally, the only way to deal with challenges as an entrepreneur, to prevent confidence crashes and depression, is to constantly, relentlessly keep looking forward.


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