Marques Anderson  is a former American football safety in the National Football League  and played with the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos, and San Francisco 49ers. Anderson is the founder and director of the World Education Foundation, currently engaging in international research and development projects.

During his final year, Marques met his mentor and decided to pivot, to go in a completely different life direction. He left world of major league sports to focus on his purpose: to be part of an international movement in socially responsible business. In 2007 Marques set out traveling through Europe for 10 months and South America for 5 months. During this time Marques collaborated and researched with, professors, tech companies, industry innovators, business leaders, along with local and government entities.

In 2009, Marques created the World Education Foundation, also known as the WE Foundation.  The WE Foundation has worked with an international network of experts, interns and volunteers, assisting in project structure and implementationin Iraq, Western Sahara, Haiti, Norway and the DR Congo.

In 2011 and 2012 Marques took on the position of Athletic Director and Head Coach for the Norwegian American Football organization Oslo Vikings who went on to win league or national titles at every level in the Norwegian series from U-14 to Seniors.

In this interview Marques shares remarkable stories from his life:

  • How sports was a family culture and his childhood sports activities were driven by a desire to not to be outdone by his older talented athletic sister.
  • Going from gymnastics to the football field was a natural progression.
  • How his childhood curiosity often got him into lots of hot water and the principal’s office.
  • How he started meditating as a child (before he ever knew what it was and way before it was fashionable) in order to search inward for solutions and to better understand how life and people operated.
  • How he was scouted by the NFL and went on to be drafted by 4 top teams: Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, SF 49’ers and Oakland Raiders.
  • How he was able to keep his ego in check and not succumb to temptations and drown in the drama of celebrity life and mega paychecks.
  • The AHA moment when he knew it was time to pivot and leave life on the football field.
  • A tangible explanation for how to tap into your intuition and clearly know your next right steps.
  • How he determined his true purpose and founded an initiative on the global stage, in order to make a real difference with people around the planet.
  • How this soulful gladiator balances his love of deep inner sensibility with remarkable outer physical strength and sports.

Where to find Marques Anderson today:

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