Eric Fromm is a former tennis pro achieving a top 50 ranking in the world in singles and top 30 in the world in doubles.

He has played at three out of the four grand slams: French Open, Wimbledon, and the U.S. Open, playing renowned greats such as Jimmy Connors, Pat Cash, and Yannick Noah.

After tennis, Eric turned his sights to the business world, achieving an undergraduate and MBA from Columbia University.

He led the successful indoor/outdoor tennis facility SPORTIME to multi-location success and the home of John McEnroe’s tennis academy.

In this interview, Eric shares:

  • How he turned the switch on to advance so successfully in the sport he loved from very humble beginnings.
  • How he trained his mind to deal with pain, disappointment, and loss.
  • The “zen” of being fully in the moment, in the flow, and how this state impacts success.
  • Why he thinks business is even more exciting than sports and how he turned his love of tennis into his business success.
  • How humility plays a huge part in success in any endeavor.
  • His top mindset tip and tactical tip for being successful in business.

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