Dr. Brett is a licensed psychologist, sports psychologist, and life coach specializing in relationships , entrepreneurship, and athletic performance. In addition to public speaking, writing, and business consulting, his primary focus is coaching athletes and entrepreneurs who are highly committed to personal growth and self-awareness.

Dr. Brett graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, GA with a BA in Economics and Psychology in 1989. After working in business in New York City for two years, he attended the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, receiving his doctorate in 1995. Dr. Brett established a thriving private practice in Fairfield County, CT while in his thirties.

After experiencing a devastating health crisis and horrific loss, Dr. Brett returned to Connecticut at age 43, rebuilt his life, and developed the philosophy for success that he now shares with his clients.

In this interview, Dr. Brett shares:

  • Why he doesn’t like to have people refer to him as a therapist.
  • How he created a business model that serves his clients even better than the traditional therapy model.
  • What a warrior mindset is and how it serves not just athletes but entrepreneurs seeking greater success AND personal fulfillment.
  • What emotional toughness is and why it’s really vulnerability that demonstrates strength in business and on the field.
  • Why learning how to let go, and what to let go of, is one of the most powerful lessons in building a high-performance career and business.
  • How he helped a 60-year-old man with neurological challenges win a club championship solely through mental fitness workouts.
  • Five ways to gain control of the subconscious mind in order to accomplish at a higher level.
  • How he lost his health, business, all his assets, and his girlfriend and revived his life, his emotional strength, and his business to an even bigger and better state.

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The Deep Little Book On Dating And Relationships: Conversations With Dr. Brett

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