50+ and lost or left your job?

Are you BEYOND READY to take your power back and be the master of your own professional destiny?!

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The first and only business start up coaching and training program designed specifically for those who are starting a service-based business after 50.

We are living in remarkable times:

Millions of talented, experienced, successful 50+ers like you have lost jobs, left jobs, or are yearning to leave the JOB life, corporate life, 9-5 paycheck life behind.

But now imagine:

  • No more unappreciated, undependable, critical bosses who say one thing and mean another!
  • No more employers who change strategies and “head count” on a whim without any warning.
  • No more reorgs and pay cuts.
  • The end of resume writing and rewriting and rewriting, sending dozens of them out into the black hole where hiring managers never bother to read them or give you the courtesy of an update or response.

You know, don’t you…deep inside… it’s your time to take your power back – and launch your own venture.

You have the desire, the skills, and the brilliance to bring your expertise to the world. You think about it all the time

You’d act on it if ONLY you KNEW it would all work out. Right?

Well here’s the truth:

For it to “work out” you’ll need 3 critical things:


Oh, and one more thing…


That’s exactly why I developed The Business Fox Start Up School

– just for folks like you.

In the 12-week Business Fox Start Up School you will get:

  • Private coaching sessions at the start and midway in the program to help you strategize and get your new business idea discovered and developed, as well as mindset and confidence guidance to help you move along this exciting new journey.
  • 6 essential training modules taking you from Idea, Mission, & Vision all the way to landing your first high-end clients – your personal Success Path.
  • Exercises, assignments, resources, tools, and templates for putting this training and coaching into a viable, tested business model. (Including a complimentary copy of my acclaimed e-book, Network Like A Fox: A Targeted Approach To Building Successful Business Relationships In Person & Online).
  • 12 live group coaching sessions and a community
    of other 50+ers who are starting and growing service-based businesses
  • Recordings of your private and group sessions.
  • Personal feedback from your coach and group leader, Nancy Fox, to make sure your development is on track.

You are guided, coached, educated, and supported all along the way.

This program can transform your life.

All you need is the kernel of your idea, determination, and the step-by-step HOW TO for taking your unique gifts and share them with people who are wanting them more than you know.

People ask me all the time:

But Nancy, I’m not a natural entrepreneur. Should I have my own business? And how do I know this is the right time to start up my own business?

I said the exact same things to myself after leaving a long career in corporate life. I was the least likely person to be successful at her own business – or so I thought.

After I began The Business Fox Start Up School and working with Nancy Fox, I went into a prospective client interview with a new mindset. I explained to my prospect that I wanted her to feel like she was getting a great value, but I also wanted to work to my strengths, expertise, and skill level so I would be able to provide that value to her.

I offered her 2 different online marketing writing packages at rates higher than I’ve ever charged.

She opted for the higher level package, paying me twice as much as I’ve ever made. More. Than. I’ve. Ever. Made. Period. (I’m worth it and I now know it – and so does my client).

I can’t thank Nancy enough.

I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year brings. Truly I’ve been blessed and my future’s so bright now, I need shades!!

Honey Wesley
An Online Writer’s Magic

But if I did, why can’t you?

Look, let’s face it.
Life isn’t getting any longer.

It never looks like the right time, but after what you’ve experienced or are experiencing in the 9-5 world, you know there must be something better, more rewarding, and more financially viable than that. And there has never been a better time for new ideas and services in a changing business climate. It’s way more logical than trying to get a job that will probably undervalue you and underpay you after the age of 50.

I loved working with Nancy. She’s empathic and supportive, but also knows when to apply some “tough love.” She expertly guides you toward your own conclusions and insights, but will also help with practical advice when you need it. My view of my business and my role in it underwent a major shift during this program, and I feel as if I have a much deeper understanding of my business and where I am headed in the future.

–I gained twice as many members in my relaunch than was my goal.
–I sold my first high-end client package.
–I gained confidence during a negotiation—I would never have been able to go into my contract negotiation with as much confidence and self-assurance as I did without Nancy’s coaching and backup! (And landed the deal I was hoping for!)

Ricki Heller
National cookbook author, coach, online marketer, natural nutritionist

If you don’t bet on you, who will?

I will –

because I’ve coached many hundreds of people like you who have taken the leap – and loved it.

Turn your pink slip into a permission slip for a new level of independence, fulfillment and financial prosperity.

Join me, Nancy Fox, The Business Fox, and your fellow 50+ers in Start Up School today.

You know your admission ticket has your name written all over it.

Right after our first session, I wrote a 5-figure revenue stretch goal at the top of my whiteboard for the next two months. I want you to know that not only did I reach this goal, I surpassed it! I’m delighted with this accomplishment and feel confident that I can replicate it because you have helped me formulate a process that is organic to me.

More importantly, in the course of our training together, I’ve shifted my understanding of who I am, what it means to be an entrepreneur, what I uniquely offer, and my perception of myself – in short, my mindset. I’m awed at the transformation, and I am so appreciative of your talents and tenacity. Thank you for your insights, your devotion, your candor, and for cheering me on- insisting that I step fully into my venture

Judith G.
Consultant, trainer, speaker, professor


success path opens up for you the moment you make the decision and enroll.