How To Command Your Worth™ at Work: More Recognition, Promotions, & Income

How To Command Your Worth™

At work, more Recognition, Promotions, & Income

Are you ready to stop settling for crumbs in your career and…


Start gaining the recognition, influence, and income you want and deserve?


Start working smarter, not harder in order to prove your worth at work?


Start breaking free of the mental and professional blocks holding your back, and fly in your Zone of Brilliance?


Start feeling more fulfillment and gaining greater financial prosperity (and time for yourself and your loved ones?)

What if you could flip the switch on your career and set it

On Fire?

They never taught you how to accelerate your career in college, grad school, law school.

Especially when the deck of cards is stacked against you.


You have the Talent, Skills, & Expertise

You just need the right road map and mentoring to guide you, to free you from limiting beliefs, fear of asking for what you want and deserve, and the habit of saying “yes” to every request of you.



The Command Your Worth™ Method

A proven system guiding you to:



The Command Your Worth™ Method

A proven system guiding you to:


Know Your Worth


Confidently Ask For What You Want


Learn To Say No
to the right things,
at the right times


Learn To Receive Recognition, Respect, Opportunities, More Income

What Commanding Your Career Can Do for You

The Business Fox has helped hundreds of women executives & professionals advance their careers and leap forward in their businesses.

Our clients have often accelerated their incomes by double digits. More importantly, they did this without needing to get another time-intensive degree or qualification, or without working harder to prove themselves

The most important outcome our clients get is a powerful, confident, fulfilled sense of authentic self and purpose.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Through Nancy’s Command Your Worth™ training, our professionals advanced professionally, gained way more confidence in a competitive market, and were rewarded for helping the firm achieve objectives.

Susan R

Business Litigator and Legal Advisory Services

Nancy challenged me to think beyond the norm. My income and clientele have doubled!

LaKia B

MBA, , Accounting Services

Right after our first session, I wrote a 5-figure monthly stretch goal at the top of my whiteboard. Not only did I reach this goal, I surpassed it! I shifted my understanding of my unique value. I’m awed at the transformation
J.G., Esq.

I have a fire for trying things I never would have dreamed of before, and the ability to see how to help my career go in the direction I want it to.
Analiese S

Horticulture Professional

After losing my job as Executive Director, I knew I needed a career roadmap. I had no idea how negative my mindset was. With Command Your Worth ™ tools, I gained a whole new level of confidence in my value, and the path to a lot more income.

Janet M

Business Coach

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