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My Deep Dive Business Momentum Strategy Day with Nancy Fox gave me a big boost of new energy to work on my business. During this day, one of the blind spots I uncovered was how much value I bring to my clients, restaurant owners. I really help them succeed. I saw that reaching out to more of them is important not only because I want to grow my business, but because they want to grow their businesses!

We accomplished so much during this day including creating a whole new image for my company (even a new name!), new products, and repackaged old ones in order to be more marketable.

What I am most grateful about from the day is it allowed me to look at my company through different lenses. It gave me a framework for how to grow my business. I feel like I am doing things in a less haphazard way and I have a strong plan that I am implementing.

Izabela Guevara

President & Founder, Restaurant Consulting & Bookkeeping LLC

Working with Nancy Fox in a deep dive intensive is an inspiring, thought provoking journey. What an incredible amount of rich information, tools and insights to help me grow my business! Nancy generously packed so much into this session.

The most immediate take-away is my mind shift, my absolute confidence that I can achieve higher levels in my business and go so much faster than I thought possible. I have a fantastic new business name, and am crackling with new ideas! I’m left energized and empowered to put this to work and achieve those new goals.

Rona Wexler

The Employability Expert, Wexler Consulting LLC