Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

As we kick off 2015, I decided to share with you the most powerful life and business lessons I learned in 2014.

I must say these business lessons were learned in the most unexpected place and from the most surprising people.

Perhaps one (or more?) of these “aha’s” will resonate with you and help you make your 2015 more productive, prosperous, and gratifying.

It all started with a friend nagging me into going country line dancing for the first time. Although I love to dance, I never really cared much for country music. Plus, I snobbishly thought line dancing and two-stepping was a little on the crass side.

My first time out, I was like a fish out of water, looked like a total klutz. Yet, from that first song the band played (and what a band!) and watching all the line dancers and two-steppers, I was HOOKED!.


I couldn’t remember the line dance steps to save my life.

People would ask me to dance and when they realized I had two left feet when it came to the two-step, they not so politely ditched me!
Did I give up with my tail between my cowboy-booted legs? (It was tempting)


I really wanted to become good at this kind of dancing so much…

I just kept going.


Doing Whatever It Takes

Kind people taught me and tolerated my inexperience.

I watched YouTube and practiced the line dances at home.

I counted out the two-step every where I went — slow slow quick quick around the dining room table and in the street at the end of my jogs.

I took line dancing lessons and practiced 2-3 times a week.

I even drummed up the courage to go dancing alone when my friends wouldn’t go.

I kept going and learning even when I looked very very foolish.

Eventually, I got pretty good at line and two stepping.

Fast forward 3 months:

Now, I get asked to dance quite a bit.

I’ve lost 4 pounds just because I am working off a lot of calories.

And my happiness factor has multiplied at least 3-fold.
It’s hard to worry and complain when you’re having so much fun!

Taking a two step lesson at the renowned Cowboy Palace

So what did I really learn about business and life on the dance floor?

  • Never give up.
  • Be willing to look like a fool in order to learn a new skill. It’s so worth it. (I made so many new friends and even a fabulous new business prospect).
  • You learn a helluva lot about people on the dance floor.
  • Ask for help. Good people are all around you to help you improve.
  • Improving is the important thing -not being perfect.
  • Practice practice practice.
  • I’m always going to need to take lessons in order to maintain what I’ve learned and to go to the next level.
  • Everyone starts out a beginner. It’s OK not to know how to do something.

Aren’t all of these so true about business as well?

So, I ask you:

What have you been avoiding doing (even though you’d love to do it) because you’re uncomfortable with not knowing how to do it or fear about looking foolish?

I invite you to give that up.

Don’t let discomfort stop you any more.

 Victory is the reward received for being uncomfortable long enough to reach breakthrough.

It might be dancing, knitting, singing, public speaking, playing tennis, painting, or even networking.
Make 2015 your year for being very uncomfortable and ultimately your most rewarding year ever.