5 Steps Top Female Professionals 45-50+ Take For Promotions, Successful Career Changes, & Being Paid Their Worth

(Without going back to get another degree or working harder to prove themselves)

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In this Master Class I will show you:

  • How to ask for and receive more recognition, influence, and income at work - at the levels you've been yearning for and deserve!
  • A proven system for how to stop settling, over-working, saying yes to everyone, and taking crumbs at work; how to catapult your career forward - even if you've been languishing and stuck for months - or even years.
  • A tested roadmap for getting promotions, bigger and better opportunities, and influence in your company or firm.
  • Clarity about your career path - whether to stay and transform your current situation or explore exciting purposeful new career paths that fulfill you!
  • How to build a magnetic, unforgettable personal brand to boost your career.
  • How to finally Command Your Worth (tm) at work - with class and finesse!

Nancy Fox, The Business Fox

Following a successful executive career, Nancy Fox became a highly recognized business and career coach, strategic advisor to professional service firms and organizations. She has guided hundreds of women executives and professionals in gaining exponential advances in their careers, and helping them to know and Command Their Worth at work.

She is a national keynote speaker and author of the successful book, Network Like A Fox: A Targeted Approach To Building Successful Business Relationships In Person & Online and has guided many hundreds of professionals to successful, fulfilling, and prosperous careers.