and build a successful client-filled business

(even if they've never had a business before,
don't have a a business idea yet,
or aren't social media or tech savvy)

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In this in-depth training, I will:

  • Reveal why losing or leaving a job at this time of life may be the best career opportunity ever AND why now is the best time in the market to start a business.

  • Give my PROVEN 5 STEP GAME PLAN, for exactly how to transition from
    manager or employee into a successful business owner, and how to get those first high-end clients.

  • Unveil the 5 ESSENTIAL SHIFTS that must be made before starting a business in order to succeed without wasting precious time and money trying all the wrong things.

  • Debunk the biggest myth about starting a business at 50 or over - that it's
    necessary to have a fancy business degree or certifications to be successful, or be social media or tech savvy, to be successful and attract high-end clients.

  • Provide the fool-proof strategy we teach clients over 50 for how to CONFIDENTLY command higher fees and get higher paying clients, without being salesy or pushy at all.

  • Share real life Case Study examples of relevant clients and professionals who have successfully transferred their know-how and expertise into successful client-filled businesses, and how we helped them do it.

Nancy Fox, The Business Fox

High Performance Business and
Confidence Coach helping 50 and over
former execs and entrepreneurs start and grow highly profitable businesses. 


"Working with Nancy Fox is an inspiring, thought provoking journey. What an incredible amount of rich information, tools and insights to help me grow my business! Nancy generously packed so much into the program.  The most immediate take-away was my mind shift. My new levels of confidence helped me achieve higher levels in my business so much faster than I ever thought possible.

Rona Wexler
Employability Consulting, LLC