Nothing gives a coach greater pleasure than making a difference with a client. There just isn’t anything like seeing someone you work with achieve results, grow, succeed, have a victory.

I watch too many people try to do it alone without good guidance and mentoring. When I ask them why they approach their business this way, they often tell me that they should be able to handle things on their own. Our society has taught us that asking for help is often a sign of weakness not strength.

I relate to this. For years, particularly during my corporate exec years, I shunned help. I didn’t need anyone’s advice or input. I knew.

Today, of course, I see the folly in this thinking. I see how much longer it took me to succeed, and worse, how I didn’t accomplish the level of success I might have had I asked for mentorship or engaged professional guidance.

Even coaches have coaches. Did you know that? This weekend I worked with my coach who was exceptional. It’s not as though I didn’t know what she was telling me or advising me. BUT, and it’s a big but.¬† Hearing it from her in, hearing her brilliant input from the outside impacted my mind differently, more powerfully, than when I listen to my own thoughts in stereo. Do you see what I mean?

Where are you trying to go it alone? How much faster and easier could you make your success happen if you sought out objective outside wisdom and input from the right mentor?

Go it alone and drag it out РOR, work with a mentor and build the  momentum and magnitude in your business that you deserve.