Command Your Worth™

The proven path to greater recognition, roles and income for professional and executive women.


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Are you ready to stop selling yourself short at work?...

And step into a huge leap forward in your level of recognition, respect, and income?

Where you aren’t just working your butt off, trying to prove yourself and your worth…

But finally breaking through the mental and professional barriers into greater fulfillment and financial rewards?

What if you had a proven path to....

Flip Your Career Script?

You have the drive.

You have the talent and expertise.


Goodness knows you’ve worked hard to get results for other people.

You've become

So why didn’t all of it turn into the acknowledgement, recognition, respect from your superiors and company/firm that you deserve?

Where is the promotion that you are overdue for?


Where is the Money?

you so richly deserve and want?

The answers are contained in something they never teach you in law school or college.

You never got a rarely-shared process and the kind of professional mentoring to guide you, to free you from limiting beliefs, old destructive patterns…

And lead you to Command Your Worth™ with Class, Confidence, Effectiveness at work and throughout your entire life.

Command Your Worth™ teaches you how to


Know Your Worth

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Become an Ask Master & Receive

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Learn to say No /Rise From The Bottom Of Your List

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Receive More Recognition & Income

What Commanding Your Career Can Do for You

The Business Fox has helped hundreds of women executives, professionals advance in their careers and firms leap forward in their businesses.

Our professional women leader clients have often accelerated their incomes by the double digits, and more importantly, they did this without needing to get another time-intensive degree or qualification, and without working harder and harder to prove themselves.

The most important outcome our clients get is a powerful, confident, fulfilled sense of authentic self and purpose.


What My Clients are Saying

Through Nancy's strategic coaching and training, our professionals at all levels expanded and elevated their networks, developed new business, and increased their measurables in a strong competitive market. More importantly, they gained a greater level of personal and professional confidence and expertise in helping the firm advance its mission and objectives.
Susan Rosenthal
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Roberto Lopez
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Julia Moore
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Maria Anna

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