Want to Quickly Turn Your Stalled-Out Offer Into A Fresh Offer Destined to Sell In These Changing Times and Beyond?

Yearn to break free of the trading-hours-for-dollars bind you’re in and create an online offer that gives you

flexibility, financial freedom, and sells like hotcakes?

Want to Pivot Your Stalled Offer, Create An Irresistible Online Offer Designed To Sell Like Mad?


Dear Entrepreneur or Professionl, Does This Sound Like You?


You’ve developed a program or course, and it has stopped working; you’ve got to PIVOT your offer – but to what?


That online course you were so excited about has sold crickets – and you don’t know why!


You are sick and tired of complicated marketing formulas that are time-sucking, exhausting, taking too much for too little Return On Investment.


You’re an executive or a professional – lawyer, medical, financial – and you’ve never developed a program or online training or coaching course but you’d love to so you could have more freedom and money– if only you know what your offer should be.


Or you’ve got a business right now where you only make money when you bill hours – ugh! You feel totally trapped in the billable hour vice! You’re dying to have the freedom to spend more time with your kids and loved ones but you can’t see how to turn your busy service business into a flexible, freedom based online model and make the money you want and deserve.

I’ve Got Some Very Good News For You!

You’ve come to the exact right place at the exact right time!

You see…..
There has NEVER been a better time to build an online education business.
The opportunities are bigger and better than ever.


You’ve got to have an offer that is positioned to sell.
Too many business owners fall into the
Leap, Launch, & Lose Trap


Because their offer is formed from guess-work and is missing one – or more – of the

4 Essential Pillars Of Offer Success

I’m Nancy Fox,
The Business Fox.

I’ve been mentoring and advising business owners into six and seven figure businesses for over 20 years.
And if there’s one constant pitfall people make it’s this:
(no, it’s not lousy marketing or a bad website).
Business owners fall in love with their offer.
They get all excited about a business idea that doesn’t really have legs.
So you can have glitzy marketing, and gorgeous branding and funnels, but a faulty offer so your business will fail.
Essentially, people leap into marketing an

Offer That’s Off!

When I took my successful IRL “old-school” coaching and training business online, I knew I didn’t want to fall
into what I saw so many others do – they fell into the

Leap, Launch, & Lose Trap

And the worst part?

They couldn’t explain WHY their launch didn’t sell – because they didn’t know what was off with their offer!
That’s how I came to build my business on the

4 Essential Pillars Of Offer Success

This model allowed me to build a thriving online business with a crystal-clear well-positioned offer that I knew would fly BEFORE I launched.

Now, in today’s crazy new business climate

Do you have time for guesswork?

Are you up for a hit & miss, fragmented, untested pivot of your offer?

Are you into launching an unclear offer based on THEORY VS. EVIDENCE?

And if this is your first time venturing into the online arena, are you OK with struggling with coming up with an idea for an offer that would work?

Are you OK with sticking your neck out with an offer that you have no idea if you’re going to succeed with?

If you’ve answered

Hell, No!

to any of these scenarios, Say


to the amazing “get it done right” workshop I’ve put together just for business owners, professionals, and just-starting entrepreneurs like you:

In this simple but powerful 3-step workshop you will:

• Learn

• Create

• Position & Set Up For Maximum Selling

Now, if you’re anything like me, you like things SIMPLE. You want QUALITY not just quantity.
That’s why I put this workshop together so it is simple, concise, and designed to ensure you map out your ideal offer, positioned to seriously sell.

3-Day Create An Irresistible Offer That Sells Workshop

Starting on Monday, May 18, 2020


Limited Seats Available

Here’s what you will work on & get coached on:


In the 3 Live Coaching Sessions (all recorded), how to apply the 4 crucial pillars that determine the success of any online offer (the 4th pillar is the one they don’t tell you about, and it’s the exact one you need to hold up your offer so that your prospective clients buy it)


Who your audience should be now, how to find them and attract them.


The key elements that turn an interesting offer into an IRRESISTIBLE offer, one people want to buy right now, even in these challenging times!


How to know if your (pivoted) offer is a good idea (theory) vs. saleable to your ideal audience.


How to disqualify the wrong people for your offer so you’re not drained and disappointed.


How to price your offer for optimum sales success without lowering your self-worth or undercharging, discounting. (This alone is worth the price of entry!)


How to vet your offer and get it ready for maximum sales success.

When you enroll, you’ll also get these premium tools INCLUDED
GRATIS in the program

(these are usually the kinds of things other leaders charge extra for!)


The most compact Offer That Sells Blueprint to put into play the very second the workshop is over.


The Offer That Sells Workbook to use as you go through the program (everything organized in one place).


Full slide decks to refer to after the program is over. (This is especially for you guys who hate taking notes)


Private Facebook Community to interact with other high-performing participants – awesome support and networking.

There are so many webinars, courses, challenges out there now.
They are giving you “magic” funnels, formulas, systems.

This is none of that.

It is designed for serious high-performing entrepreneurs and professionals to guide you in “getting it done” by the end of the 3rd session.
The #1 reason so many business owners struggle is not because they have lousy marketing, or branding…
It’s because their core OFFER is off. And they don’t know why.

If you don’t know why your offer stopped selling or never really got going, you have to get to the source of the problem, and create an offer that is correctly positioned and vetted before you launch.

It’s that simple.
The problem is most people don’t make it simple.

They complicate their offers, they confuse their audience, or they don’t offer what their market is really wanting to buy now.

Clarity +
= Cash.

Got it?
So, are you in?
Let’s do this thing together.

OK – I know this is a crazy great value for this crucial coaching and training.
Because of the level of attention I’m giving you guys, I have kept the attendee size very selective.

This is a limited-seat workshop.
The spots will really fill up fast.
Enroll right now before this opportunity slips through your virtual fingers.
I cannot wait to be your mentor in the Create Your Irresistible Online Offer Workshop and help you get your sales ROCKING!

3-Day Create An Irresistible Offer That Sells Workshop

Starting on May 18, 2020

Irresistible Price = $49