5 Shifts High-Achievers At A Mid-Life Career Crossroads Make To Quickly Go From Stuck To Soaring Again…

…even when months of reading all the business books, listening to podcasts, or following big gurus haven’t helped them get them back in their groove!

Right after our Deep Dive Intensive, I wrote a 5 figure revenue stretch goal at the top of my white board for Oct-Nov. I want you to know that not only did I reach this goal, I surpassed it! I’m delighted with this accomplishment and feel confident that I can replicate it because you have helped me formulate a process that is organic to me.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, in the course of our training together, I’ve shifted my understanding of who I am, what it means to be an entrepreneur, what I offer, and my perception of myself—in short, my mindset. I’m awed at the transformation, and am so appreciative of your talents and tenacity. Thank you for your insights, your devotion, your candor, and for cheering me on—insisting that I step fully into my venture.!  

Judith G.
Consultant, trainer, speaker, and professor

I had always found it easy to get consulting assignments in the past, but suddenly, they had dried up! That’s what made me reach out to Nancy Fox, creator of Start Up School for 50+ers who have left the JOB world and want to start businesses.
This program was more than just a business start up program – it taught me about my purpose, and how to do something I love that also allows me to earn what I want and what I am worth. Here I learned that mindset and visualization are the most important ingredients when starting out. They are the foundation on which we build a successful business.

Out of this program I created something I am very excited about: a course on how to navigate Medicare optimally, and it will launch shortly, as well as a companion business that is a subscription model for recurring revenue.

A couple of big takeaways were the Niche Identification training and qualified lead generation training (The Magnet Method).

I’m very excited to be launching something I am passionate about AND where there is a market demand.

Working with Nancy and the community, I received powerful tools, information, encouragement, and motivation to keep this project moving forward!

Cindy Easton

The learning experience throughout Start Up School has been tremendously valuable. I have not just acquired knowledge to benefit my current and future business endeavors; I have personally transformed!
I learned how to identify my exact ideal niche market (which I would never have seen or selected without my work in Start Up School) and the essential problem and solution I am uniquely qualified to help this niche overcome.  

I went through a tremendous mindset shift as I consistently worked on crafting and establishing my business. The well-integrated process of developing a signature system was a huge eye-opener for me.  

I identified my ideal niche, developed the framework for my training program, and learned how to use key online tools to test and attract ideal leads.  

I now have new confidence and skills and the structure to go after my dream of being a thriving online entrepreneur.

Khomotso Mogale

Start Up School and Nancy helped me identify my ideal business concept and structure. Even some off shoots of the business for once the core business is established. I got a comprehensive business format for how to build a successful business that I want to work and pays me well. How to use specific online tools generate business. And being in Start Up School allowed me to be with a group of like-minded people to bounce ideas off I am thrilled with my experience. I truly believe I could have never come up with my business idea and offer without Nancy’s help. One of the best things I have done in last 15 years is engage with you, Nancy! So blessed and grateful to have you with me on my journey to promise land.

Nancy Lawler