Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

What Our Clients Say…

Nancy, a seniors services business owner asked me to create a Brain Health portal for them. They offered me a sum of money that was lower than I wanted. I heard your voice in my head saying “command your worth“! So I counter-offered and before I knew it, he offered me more money with medical benefits, stock options and an annual performance bonus of 15%!

Marilyn A.

Speech Pathologist turned Brain Health Coach

Through Nancy’s Command Your Worth™ training, our professionals advanced professionally, gained way more confidence in a competitive market, and were rewarded for helping the firm achieve objectives.

Susan R

Business Litigator and Legal Advisory Services

I engaged Nancy Fox as I embarked on a top-tier global speaking tour. She helped me gain new confidence, sharpen my message, and “knock it out of the park.”

Mary Buffett

Best Selling Author, Buffettology

Nancy challenged me to think beyond the norm. My income and clientele have doubled!

LaKia B

MBA, , Accounting Services

Right after our first session, I wrote a 5-figure monthly stretch goal at the top of my whiteboard. Not only did I reach this goal, I surpassed it! I shifted my understanding of my unique value. I’m awed at the transformation
J.G., Esq.

I have a fire for trying things I never would have dreamed of before, and the ability to see how to help my career go in the direction I want it to.
Analiese S

Horticulture Professional

After losing my job as Executive Director, I knew I needed a career roadmap. I had no idea how negative my mindset was. With Command Your Worth ™ tools, I gained a whole new level of confidence in my value, and the path to a lot more income.

Janet M

Business Coach