Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

Rochelle Odesser

Vice President, Madison Planning Group, Inc.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Nancy Fox, The Business Fox.

No matter what level of success one has attained, it is always essential to enhance and polish one’s talents in order to take that level of success. This is why, as a best-selling author and renowned speaker, I engaged Nancy Fox.

Embarking on a speaking tour along with the best of the best – Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Bill Cosby, Terry Bradshaw, Rudy Guliani – and top-level leaders, I wanted to sharpen and renew my message, and “knock it out of the park.”

Working with Nancy, we strategized, crafted and prepped my powerful new message. The result: an electric level of inspiration and communication that magnetized a whole new audience for me. Together, we devised exciting new ways for me to deliver my message and how to market them online and off. And this is just the beginning of my new initiatives, a new web presence.

Mary Buffett

Best-selling author, Buffettology

Citrin Cooperman & Company engaged Nancy Fox in 2006 as our firm’s business and professional development coach.

She has been an important contributor to the development of many professionals in our firm. Over the next 4 years, Nancy created a business development coaching and training program that ultimately impacted over 60 people in our firm from Supervisor through Partner levels. Her program educated participants in business development, networking, communications skills and leadership. Through her dedicated efforts, she also was instrumental in the launch of a women’s initiative in the firm, a mentoring program, and assisting our professionals with the identification of their niche specialty focus.

We also engaged Nancy to deliver workshops on social media marketing and networking. Through her efforts, many participants generated new business for the firm and a substantial percentage of her coaching participants were promoted. There were a number of examples where professionals very much altered the way they viewed and performed around business development. They learned new ways to become successful, and generated appreciable new business opportunities.

Nancy is a consultant who supported our people additionally through making strong connections and helping our firm receive greater visibility and recognition in the marketplace through engaging our partners to speak at a variety of business events. She is a consummate professional and passionate about helping her clients be successful at all levels, and achieve exceptional results.

Joel Cooperman

Managing Partner, Citrin Cooperman

Nancy provided invaluable counsel to me during a time I was just getting my feet wet in social media, business marketing and trying to take my law firm “to the next level.” Right away Nancy understood that my services were underpriced and by a slight incremental raise in billing rates she paid for herself on our first consult. Nancy’s deep insight and personal warmth are an unbeatable combination and I strongly recommend her services.

Ronald Drescher

Owner, Drescher & Associates

Bringing you in to work with our team was one of the best decisions I’ve made as an entrepreneur (and I’ve been at it almost 20 years). Your approach combines one part strategy, one part process, and two parts people to brew an elixir which has accelerated breakthroughs throughout our organization. Your work has surpassed our expectations, which were high to begin with.

As a past President of the NY Chapter of the Entrepreneur’s Organization, I’m all too familiar with the life cycles of fast growing companies. At some point, we all need to make a leap in how we run our businesses, leverage our people, and focus our strategy. Evolve or wither. You are a catalyst for evolution- on a personal as well as business level. And while I’m sure there are consultants who charge less (and I’ve used some of them), I’ve not found one who delivers more.

Rich Goldberg

President, Warm Thoughts Communications

Before working with Nancy Fox, my enthusiasm and confidence were waning regarding maintaining success in this changing business environment. Her course and instruction, along with the compressed timeframe, were very stimulating and the plethora of ideas and tips certainly built up my confidence. I felt that I was in the hands of a real pro. Nancy is a true professional. The content, and delivery were all outstanding. It’s obvious that Nancy is steeped in the topic and able to draw on a wealth of knowledge, experience and natural passion for her subject matter. She shares her knowledge, techniques, and resources for business, marketing and leveraging the internet in a way that shows her dedication to the success of her participants.

I fulfilled my objective and now have more enthusiasm for being in business and more confidence in my ability to succeed in this new business environment.

Elaine Kamm

EK Group

Nancy has been my personal business coach for over a year, and she has helped me tremendously. I depended on her advice and expertise as she coached me through a job change, and she continues to be great resource to me. I highly recommend Nancy.

Marcia Nelson

VP Business Development, Public Accounting Firm

Working with Nancy Fox is an inspiring, thought provoking journey. What an incredible amount of rich information, tools and insights to help me grow my business! Nancy generously packed so much into the program.

The most immediate take-away is my mind shift, my absolute confidence that I can achieve higher levels in my business and go so much faster than I thought possible. I am crackling with new ideas! I’m left energized and empowered to put this to work and achieve those new goals.

Rona Wexler

Wexler Consulting, LLC

The most important thing I learned about in working with Nancy is how to network and who I should be meeting. She helped immensely in both of these areas.

What’s different in her approach is this no nonsense approach. She cuts right to the chase…

I took the action steps that she suggested. I sponsored a networking event and made it a point to begin meeting with the appropriate individuals who could help me (and who I could help) attain my goals.

In the past, I did nothing in the past except rely on my current client referrals.

The results produced? I had my best year ever in my 13 years of commercial real estate. This was accomplished in just a short time working with you. It is my belief that by continuing to implement these strategies my network will continue to grow, as will my income.

Dan Segal

Managing Director, Newmark Knight Frank

I have been working with Nancy as my Business Coach for almost a year. The results have been fantastic. Nancy makes me work hard, and asks hard questions (and she doesn’t take “waffling” as an answer), but it is definitely worth it. She helps her clients acknowledge and address “blind spots”, which can be a very hard (and humbling) process. However, Nancy is always supportive, positive and wise in the process. I thought I knew how I wanted to create my new business when we started, and then mid-way realized that I wanted to go in another direction entirely. Nancy helped me transition from my first (but not authentic) vision to my new vision and then plunged in to keep me on track to build that vision. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to create a new business or take an existing business to the “top tier

Ria Davis

General Counsel, International Corporate Finance and Private Banking Lawyer

Nancy is a deeply committed, highly efficient professional who combines deep knowledge of her business with high integrity and values. It is in large part due to her that I have taken the professional steps that I have. She is a warm, understanding and highly creative person and I wholeheartedly recommend her and her services.

Nayana Kulkarni

Partner at The Kulkarni Law Group

Nancy Fox (aka The Business Fox) is an absolute pleasure to work with. A business coach specializing in business development, leadership, and professional excellence, she works predominantly with professional service privders and entrepreneurs. Nancy has a penchant for connecting the right business people together to help them grow their businesses. She should be on everyone’s A list.

Gina Furia Rubel

President/CEO at Furia Rubel Communications

Nancy has worked with me over the years on many projects, beginning with coaching me and our senior team on developing good business development practices. Over the course of a few months time, Nancy helped us to focus and develop best practices for meeting, following up with, and developing business from our contacts, and her help proved invaluable in helping us to build our sales and become a two-time Inc5000 company. Nancy is great to work with and I highly recommend her.

Tony Coretto

Owner, PNT Marketing Services, Inc.

Nancy has helped me think outside the box, and grow my business. She helped me zero in on my strengths and how best to use them to my full potential.

David Sondheim

Financial Planner at Fifth Avenue Financial

I hired Nancy on the onset of my new business. Nancy’s coaching helped me ensure that my new business had a strong foundation, at the same time her input enabled me to be more creative in my business development. I would strongly recommend Nancy’s services to anyone starting out on their own.

Izabela Guevara

Restaurant Bookkeeping Mentor

Nancy is an extremely knowledgeable and talented business development coach. She recently spoke at one of our sales meetings on the topic of networking and was of great value to all in attendance, providing practical tools and ideas which we are now putting into use.

Hal Cohen

Media Executive, Publisher at The Legal Intelligencer

I recently attended one of Nancy’s tele-seminars on finding your market niche. All I can say is “WOW!” – it was packed with information and exactly what I needed! I highly recommend any of Nancy’s tele-seminars or classes. She is excellent at assembling and presenting information (not everyone has this skill!), and as a result it has opened up all kinds of possibilities for me. Nancy is one sharp lady and business woman! I can definitely see why she is known as “The Business Fox!

Karen Terry

Certified Life Coach

Nancy gave a terrific presentation to the ProVisors Women’s Affinity Group last week, which provided insights into how women can be more powerful communicators. We learned ten mistakes many women make and how to avoid them so that we can not only be more effective in asking for what we want, but get better results. Her talk was very well received and I would recommend it because it was informative, entertaining and relevant.

Deborah Rodney

Regional Director of Development, ProVisors

Within a week of working with Nancy I booked a new high tier client, launched 3 new packages and most important had a new mindset in place. Nancy has taken me to a new level and within one session had me focusing on my niche and level of expertise, pricing and also finding high level clients. I now have my financial thermostat set to the level I deserve. There is nothing like waking up with a new mindset and knowing that Nancy is there to help ensure my vision, clarity and focus is in a place that will ensure my income is TOP tier as well. And all of this in just one week!

Jim Higgins

ProForma Branding Excellence

I knew you would be a great speaker at our Social Media Panel and a great fit for ING, simply because of who you are. You understand networking, and that is what the group is all about. I watched you interact with our individual members throughout the week. You were awesome….

Mike Jamison

Founder, Executive Director, International Network Of Golf

Sageworks works with accountants of all sizes. Nancy led an educational webinar on how accountants can generate bigger and better leads through targeted networking. Attendees had great feedback on her content; they were excited to implement her networking strategies to win the right kind of clients for their firm. I would recommend Nancy as she is a pleasure to work with and very committed to helping others become more successful.

Jessica Ballard

Marketing Director, Sageworks

Thank you for your great advice for changing my Linkedin profile to reflect my true expertise. It has helped generate a lot of attention.

Stella Havkin

Bankruptcy Specialist, Lawyer

How much value is a new client or customer worth to you? Within a month of reading Nancy Fox’s book, Network Like A Fox, I followed the advice in her book and met and won 4 new clients. Let me put that number into perspective. In the 24 years that I’ve been running my consulting practice, I’ve gotten engagements with 100 different companies. But I’ve never picked up 4 new clients in a month before, ever. Nancy’s tips and techniques on networking have made a huge difference in my business.

Peter Raulerson

Senior Executive and Management Consultant, Paramarketing

My work with Nancy Fox, The Business Fox, was highly effective and productive in a short span of time.

In our very first session, I had a career “breakthrough” and became clear for the first time in a long while about what and how I wanted to structure my professional life.
Through our work together Nancy helped me:

-Identify the focus of a high-potential business
-Present my past legal experience and expertise to attract clients for my new business via my Linked In profile.
-Helped me create a business name and domain location
-Focus on priorities for my online presence
-Gain recommendations and targeted new connections
-Strategize about how and where I need to network for new business opportunities.

Strategy and structure contributed to tangible results, but Nancy also was supportive in helping me to have greater enthusiasm and confidence as a business owner.

Stacia Siegerman Garcia Esq.

Founder, Family Law Research & Writing Services

Last week I had a great reading: Nancy Fox’s Network Like a Fox (TM). I really learn a lot from Nancy’s book. Today, I wanted to share with you a brief summary I wrote. I hope you learn as much as I did from this book. Here is the link to my summary Hope you enjoy it.

Oswaldo Zapata, Ph.D.


Nancy presented two webinars to the Association of Accounting Marketing that were simply outstanding.  She clearly captured the most salient points of planning, executing and following up on accounting firm events and the participants left with action steps they could implement immediately.  Nancy’s two webinars were our most highly attended sessions of the entire year!

Amy Fischer

Marketing Manager, Connecticut Market, International Tax National Marketing Leader

I had the pleasure of working with Nancy Fox for two AAM High webinars. Nancy’s sessions about events and follow up’s provided much value to our members. Some of our members said this was the best webinar they had attended across all channels this year. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

Kristin Bailey

Association Coordinator