Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!


How The Business Fox Can Help Your Group Or Organization

Get A Beeline To More Business


Networking willy-nilly will not turn into business.


Have you added up how much you or your sales professionals are spending on:

$ networking group dues +
$ events and conferences fees +
$ networking lunches and breakfasts +
$ travel expenses +
$ parking and tolls +
$ gas +
$ and your time…

only to generate lukewarm or low-end leads and connections?

Do you want a higher ROI, with the right rich leads, from all the effort, money, and time you spend on your business networking?

Of course you do!

So what’s been missing all this time?

A system.

A targeted business networking system.




The first comprehensive networking training system to show you how to connect smarter


Who Should Take The T.O.P.P. Networking Training?

  • Sales Groups & Teams – Generate the right leads faster
  • Associations – Give members greater benefits and success through their membership
  • Entrepreneurs – Get more ideal clients
  • Professionals who want to become rainmakers – Networking training demonstrating how to connect with and attract ideal connections/make rain
  • Networking Groups And Professional Associations – Help your members and attendees get greater value and real results from participation and attending events, get better testimonials and future attendance
  • Career professionals – By giving this training to job-seeking clients you’re giving them the tools so they can connect with top decision makers; 85% of jobs are landed through networking
  • Business Groups – Show your members how to get greater value from the group and the groups connections
  • College and university groups – Help students and graduates use targeted networking for preferred career results
  • Direct Sales Professionals – Avoid turning prospective candidates off by bad networking; learn to attract and engage the right candidates for your distributors.
  • HR professionals – Give to new employees to help them “network up” internally and get properly connected within the organization.

Why Take T.O.P.P. Networking Training (What’s In It For You Or Your Group)?


Top 10 reasons to take or have your team take T.O.P.P. Networking Training:

  1. Generate higher quality leads faster.
  2. Access and build relationships/credibility with more decision makers and influencers.
  3. Grow your circle of influence in four categories of ideal connections (prospects, introducers, referrers, clients).
  4. Make your networking investment – time, energy, money – pay off sooner, bigger.
  5. Build a better, bigger personal brand.
  6. Stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  7. Close higher caliber business.
  8. Make your networking time efficient, effective, consistent (have a real system)
  9. Build self-confident interacting with and building relationships with top-tier connections.
  10. Generate confidence with prospective clients.

Smart Ways to Leverage T.O.P.P Networking Training in Your Group, Company, Association:

  • Required training for sales training or professional development programs
  • Suggested training for new employees
  • As an incentive for early registration for conferences, seminars, career fairs, or events
  • A thank you/welcome gift for new members of networking groups and professional associations
  • As a bonus or incentive for premium membership or subscription renewals

Help your employees, members, students and registrants develop the right approach and
skills, to target network to gain a shortcut to success. 

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