Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
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Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

The last couple of weeks or so, I’ve had a hunch, a feeling that working with someone wasn’t quite right.

While I really admire this person – smart, successful, magnetic, I’ve noticed some chinks in the package – some  off-hand remarks, some shooting-from-the-hip decisions, a little too much arrogance in answers.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but I felt as though there was something a bit sloppy, messy, about the prospect of working together.  I noticed I wasn’t eagerly anticipating and looking forward to our every conversation.

I discussed this with a trusted colleague. My colleague said: “What does your intuition tell you?”

I know about intuition and how powerful it can be – intellectually. But I am usually a pros & cons column maker, weighing each column against the other to make a logical choice.

In “The America We Deserve”, Donald Trump said,  “I’ve built a multi-billion empire by using my intuition”.  Oprah Winfrey has been quoted as saying “My business skills have come from being guided by my inner self – my intuition”.  And Bill Gates, one of the most influential business masters of our era has attributed some his decision making to: “Sometimes, you have to rely on intuition”.

A friend of mine was buying a car. He did tons of research, watched all the cars on the road to see what he liked, didn’t like. He test drove dozens. He did a pros/cons list.

He test drove the new Hundai Sonata and loved the look, ride, etc. The salesman wanted him to make a deal fast.  Something told him to take some time to think about it. Something told him not to buy right away. On the way home, he noticed a white pre-owned Infitini G35 on a dealer lot.  He stopped, went in, test drove it and fell in love. He spent less, loved the car and the ride more than the Hundai, and got his mid-life luxury car to boot. Intuition led him to the right car.

How do you access your intuition? It takes becoming quiet and listening. This is not so easy to do these days when we are bombarded by stimuli morning til night – family, blackberries, email, voice mail, etc. There’s so little opportunity to just listen to our inner voice.  Very often, we are not trusting our inner voice. For some of us, our inner voice comes to us in our dreams.

I have begun listening to my inner voice again, my intuition. Trusting my intuition is about trusting me and that I have a deep inner knowing what is right for me.  Sometimes that intuition comes to me through the words of another – I completely resonate with that person’s words. This too is intuition speaking.

Ask yourself now: What is your intuition telling you about your business, your staff, your clients?

What is your inner voice telling you about how your life is designed right now?

Are you paying attention?

If not, what might it be costing you?