Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

For many years, my colleagues and bosses told me I was stubborn.  I had some pretty big blind spots  🙂

My tendency was to do things the hard way vs. the easy way. What was the hard way? Resist what I knew needed to be done, resist learning what I knew needed to be learned, resist change. After a lot of banging my head agains alot of walls, I EVENTUALLY surrendered and did the right things. Why didn’t I just stop resisting and do these things right from the get go? I guess I am just garden-variety human where it’s so much “easier” to continue on in the way things are. How foolish, inaccurate, and fruitless this thinking is.

We are constantly being given the opportunity to move forward, yet we resist. What have I learned?

What we resist will persist. (and these things that persist are almost always what we don’t want in our lives.)

So here are the top things I resisted when I began my business, what I let go of , and how releasing them transformed my business and my life:

I resisted:

1. Giving up my job and career in the underwear industry.

Transformation: I let go of the 6 figure job and created a life and a business not only filled with purpose but generated financial results significantly superior to those in my J.O.B.

2. Telling clients the hard truth.

Transformation: Telling clients the truth about what I saw in the way they are approaching and dealing with things had them break through blocks, gain awareness and results they never thought possible. And it attracted a much higher caliber of client to me as well, clients I feel enriched and gratified working with.

3. Picking up the phone, inviting people to work with me.

Transformation:  Sometimes that phone feels like 500 pounds. I used to resist picking it up. When I stopped resisting and starting reaching out, asking people about what was happening in their business, and inviting people to learn more about how I could help them, a funny thing happened! My business mutliplied 🙂

4. Getting an in-depth education in online marketing.

Transformation: I resisted getting a solid education in online marketing for a number of years. I knew it would require a time, energy, and money investment. Then I just stopped resisting and went on a path of learning and implementing, getting the coaching and knowledge I needed to bring my business into the 21st century.  What a transformation! This has led to completely transforming my business from a trading – hours – for – dollars model to a multi-stream high level business. I am so glad I did this work and now I can help my clients put these tools into place in their businesses as well.

5. Upgrading my network – “networking up”

Transformation:  By summoning up my courage and determination, giving up fear about looking foolish or not-good-enough, I started networking with higher level executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The result? I was able to introduce all my clients and prospects to desirable people, I gained value for them, and much better business came my way. I also learned so much from people who are up to a much bigger game.

6. Launching programs before they were 100% perfect.

Transformation: Colin Powell said it best: 80% is good enough. So now I am able to delivery and launch more, offer more, accomplish more in a shorter period of time. I launch first, tweak later. It all works out. He who waits til everything is perfect delays success.

7. Having difficult conversations.

Transformation: I closed more business, worked with more motivated people, and dealt with a lot less crap from people.

8. Giving up my desire to have people like me.

Transformation: Who doesn’t like people liking them? That’s all well and good, but needing to have people like  you will taint all your actions and decisions. Now I check in with my integrity, motives, and most of all my purpose. If I am living on purpose, having people “like” me falls way down on the list. Living the truth and on purpose is what it’s all about and has brought me much greater personal and professional wealth.

These days, the temptation to resist still comes up; I just recognize it sooner and give it up faster.