Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

There you are, facing the blank screen of your computer, waiting for inspiration to strike.

The goal: Write a blog post. Scratch that- write a really good, meaty, high-value blog post that people will want to read and maybe, just maybe, implement.

Not only are you facing the blank screen mocking you to be brilliant, erudite and effective to boot, but you are slammed for time.

I’m all about simplifying and de-stressing these days. What about you?

Here are 8 tips for writing a really good, high-value blog post in under 30 minutes.

I started this post at 8:27 AM.

  • Your blog topic should alleviate a pain point or solve a problem or help your readers speed something up (like writing a great blog post faster) or give much wanted insight. This pain point, problem, or want must be relevant to your readers – so KNOW THY READER.
  • Use either of two proven formats:

A list post – listing tips or ways or techniques or steps

A how-to post

  • With solution or insight in mind, brainstorm your tips or info in bullet format first. Then flesh out content or more background.
  • Select a photo that expresses the pain point and ideally has a little humor or tongue-in-cheek quality to it. (You know the drill -it should be royalty free photo)
  • Flesh out the bullet point tips. Give examples/case studies/stories in one or two of the tips. Show how the tips add value/bring desired results.
  • Write your intro paragraph addressing the pain point, problem, or insight that is desired. Set the stage by using verbal images, i.e. paint a verbal picture. (I did this in my intro paragraph). Yes I intentionally suggested you write your intro AFTER your bullet list. You are often clearer at that point. You don’t have to but it may well help you overcome “blank-screen-itis.”
  • Summarize what you’ve outlined.
  • Wrap up with a personal note/story. Bring YOU to the post.
  • Use a template and fill in the blanks to make it super easy and fast.

If you would like my free Write A High Value Blog Post in 30 Minutes or Less template CLICK HERE.

How do I know this works? Here’s my personal story.

A few years ago I was on a business trip and realized that I had not written my post and scheduled it to go live before I left. I was frantic because I was going into a meeting in an hour and I had made a firm commitment (to myself) to post once a week.

Being a woman of my word 🙂 I asked myself: Self, how can I get a decent post written, uploaded and published in under 30 minutes?

Where there is a will there is a way. I wrote a post on my 5 tips on getting my Linked In profile viewed. It was one of my highest engagement posts.

I don’t recommend leaving writing your content to the last minute but we don’t always have 2-5 hours for writing high-value content our readers will love and appreciate.

I just thought of one more format that is fast, brings high value and is super fast:

*Bonus High Value Blog Format: Review/critique other posts relevant to your readers

There you go: It’s 8:51 AM

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