Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career?
Watch this short complimentary training!

Are you ready to LEAP FORWARD in your career? Watch this short complimentary training!

Everyone knows that money is in the list – the email list, that is. It’s true – have a great list, your odds of building a bigger and better business go way up.

There are dozens of complex strategies for list building.

I’m going to share a ridiculously simple strategy that brings in hundreds of people to my email community every month.

But first a quick background story…. People often call me a networking passionista. It’s quite funny, really.

In reality, I’m a closet introvert. (This means on the outside, I look like an extrovert; in reality I could have my nose buried in a book, reading online, writing on my Ipad and be quite content, thank you very much).

When I started my business over a decade ago,  I started networking out of necessity….and did it quite badly. It was so frightening, frustrating, and fruitless that I set out on a fact-finding mission on how to be a great networker.

In the end, I learned to love networking.

The key to my networking success was due to two things…..

1.Strategically finding and attending the right networking events, and

2.Asking great probing questions that prompted real conversations.

Networking Up vs. Networking Down

It was clear that people really struggled with who to talk to (they would so often talk to people who were easy for them to talk to – people at their level, people they already knew or came with rather than go over to higher level strangers). I call this “Networking Down” vs.  “Networking Up.”

It was also clear how hard they struggled with starting conversations.

That’s when the light bulb when off in my head:

People needed a tool, like Icebreaking 101.

I sat down one day and pumped out 50 great icebreaker questions to ask at networking events.

This tip sheet, 50 Great Icebreaker Questions To Break The Ice At Networking Events attracts hundreds of sign ups to my email list per month!

3 Insanely Simple Secrets To A Freebie That Gains Gads Of Sign Ups

There are 3 reasons this “little”tip sheet produces such big results:

1. It solves a big problem with a big emotional charge to it (people are really fearful of talking to strangers).

2. It’s a very simple tool to use – people LOVE tip sheets.

3. This solution is meaningful for many people & niches.

What’s the takeaway for you?

As you think about what you can offer as a free giveaway in exchange for someone’s email address on your website or blog (this giveaway is called many things: freebie, ethical bribe, email exchange item) answer these questions:

  • What solution to a very big problem can you offer – in the form of a tip sheet?
  • What can you offer something that is super simple (not a lot of explanation or steps) with a very quick return for them?
  • What can you offer that is a big solution that a lot of people will want and need?

Some cautionary tips:

  • Don’t over-complicate the freebie – keep it simple!
  • Do some Google keyword research to find out the level of searching and the population size that might be looking for your solution.
  • Create a catchy title for your freebie.

To receive my free tip sheet, 50 Icebreaker Questions To Break The Ice At Networking Events click here.

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